Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 5 - Rosendal

Today was our best day in Norway, yet! We took an educational tour, enjoyed the great outdoors, and had a wonderful concert.

It all started in the morning with a short bus drive to a historic farm. Our tour guides were great, and explained details of a Norwegian farm, its buildings, tools, history, and, most importantly, people.
Then we drove to a historic school house, where our lessons started and ended with a Norwegian song.

It was a rough life back in 19th century Norway, but who wouldn't want to go to school with a scenic backdrop like this:

The next leg of our bus tour was a bit longer, maybe 40 minutes, and it took us to Bjornebole, Dr. Munsen's ancestral farm, which is beautifully situated on a lake:

Actually, the farm was originally located in the valey where the lake now is. In the 1960s a dam was built, and the farm house was moved up the hill to its current location, plank by numbered blank. Dr. Munsen's relatives made use feel very welcome, and provided wonderful thin pancakes, a Norwegian speciality, which all singers very much enjoy. The weather was gorgeous, and so were the surroundings - everybody was glad for the break, the food, the great company, and for a chance to explore nature. It was a most enjoyable afternoon.

Just some snapshots of happy faces:

After all this excitement the singers returned to their Rosendal host families for a short rest break. Then they assembled for our big concert in the Rosendal church, where host families, Dr. Munsen's friends and extended family, as well as many other visitors listened to the choir perform their full repertoire, for one and a half hours!