Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 7 - Rosendal to Sandness

Today's key words were "travel", "waterfalls", and "glacier". In the morning we said Goodbye to our host families in Rosendal - they really were the secret to making our visit most enjoyable. They not only provided housing and meals, but also transportation and extra activities for the singers. Many thanks to our Rosendal friends for their extraordinary hospitality.

Our bus ride again took us past many incredible sights, but the the waterfalls are always worth stopping and taking a picture:

But the main nature attraction today was the Folgefonna glacier. The choir hiked for 40 minutes along a stream and to a lake from which we could catch a glimpse of the glacier. Luckily the weather cooperated, and the sun came out just in time: Having hiked back to the bus, we proceeded on our way to Sandness. Driving along the coast of Norway is a bit of an adventure, as the coastline is very rugged, and the road is very narrow and twisting. There are quite a few tunnels - one tunnel of 11 km length took us under the Folgefonna glacier, another tunnel went under a fjord. Finally we had to take a ferry:Late in the afternoon we arrived in Sandness, and met our host families. Tomorrow will be another exciting concert day!