Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 6 - More Rosendal

The choir's second full day in Rosendal seemed to be rather quiet, compared to all the excitement of the previous day. But there was quite a bit of activity, with a concert, an educational tour, sight-seeing, and a bit of hiking and light singing thrown in for good measure.
First thing in the morning we visited the Malmanger school, first to sixth grade. About 200 students attended the choir's performance for about an hour, and were a great audience.
Then the singers were invited to visit 4 different classrooms. They met students, and compared school days and daily life between the U.S. and Norway. Finally, we were invited to a very nice lunch at the school:
After lunch we took a short stroll up to the Steinparken (Stone Park), which tells the story of the geology in and around the Folgefonna National Park. Various samples of ground rock are displayed in a beautiful park setting.

After the guided tour through the Steinparken, the choir took another short hike to the Rosendal Barony.The building was erected in the 17th century, by a member of the same Rosenkrantz family that the tower in Bergen is named after. The choir sang here without an audience, and took pictures. Finally we went to one of our prepared dinners, and took the opportunity to celebrate Andie's birthday (which was actually yesterday):